The Lein group does research on atoms and molecules in ultrafast external fields, mostly in the regime of strong laser fields where perturbation theory is not applicable. The control of quantum mechanical dynamics on the femtosecond to attosecond time scale and Ångström spatial scale are two essential aspects of our work.

Group members

Manfred Lein group leader
Gina Gerlach secretary
Nikolay Shvetsov-Shilovski     advanced researcher
Xiaosong Zhu Humboldt fellow
Nicolas Eicke Ph.D. student
Florian Oppermann Ph.D. student
Simon Brennecke Ph.D. student
Shengjun Yue Ph.D. student
Tobias Florin master student
Bianca Leßmann bachelor student
Jul 2017

Former members:

Marc Ruhmann, Bing Zhang (now at Harbin Institute of Technology), Robin Probst, Alexander Kranz, Malte Misfeldt, Malte Hartmann, Florian Wicke, Monika Leibscher, Jost Henkel, Dennis Hutsch, Maria Tudorovskaya, Daniel Alrutz, Fabian Anders, Ingo Petersen, Ingo Barth (now at MPI of Microstructure Physics, Halle), Christoph Dreißigacker, Julian Westerweck, Jing Zhao (now at NUDT Changsha, China), Daniel Gröning, Lars Frahm, Myroslav Zapukhlyak, Chirag Jhala, Elmar van der Zwan, Marcelo Ciappina (now at ELI Prague), Stefan Pieper, Ciprian Chirilă (now at IHPC Singapore), Hendrike Braun (now at University of Kassel)